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Young Conker

Guide a playful, pint-sized hero through your world in an ever-changing game that highlights all the fun of mixed reality.

Young Conker invades your living room!

Off the screen, into your world. Young Conker transforms your furniture, floors, and walls into the stage for a mixed reality platforming adventure.

Infinite replayability. Every level you finish becomes fresh again when you play it in a different room, or rearrange your furniture.

Characters react to you and your world. Conker knows he’s in a game and that you’re pulling the strings. He’ll break the fourth wall to react to you and your room.


  • Object identification | Use spatial mapping and shape detection to identify objects and create unique character interactions.
  • Natural Interaction |Using gaze to move a character gives users precise, real-time control without needing an analog stick.
  • Room Solver AI | Use spatial mapping and custom AI to dynamically generate game levels and character placement.
  • Player-aware characters | Knowing a user’s position and gaze, characters can react in fun and surprising ways.

Young Conker for Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition - More information here...

Sebastian Wloch, Asobo Studio’s C.E.O: “Our partnership with Microsoft gave us the opportunity to develop an unparalleled expertise towards holographic entertainment. With the development of our two first games for the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, we are breaking through a new era in video gaming. From now on, the players’ world will be at the center of the action and interactions. It’s been an awesome adventure to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft teams, and to take on the challenge of developing new creative processes for a never before seen device.

Kudo Tsunoda, Corporate Vice President, Windows Experiences, Microsoft Corp.: “Asobo Studio is a creative company, and a world-class game developer. We were thrilled to leverage the company’s expertise across a number of areas, particularly in building games for new platforms. We’re excited to see how Asobo’s work will inspire other developers as they create their own mixed reality experiences for Microsoft HoloLens.