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The Crew 2 will hit the stores soon!

May 17, 2018

Read the journalists 1st impressions : very promising!

GG to our partners Ubisoft and its Lyon studio Ivory Tower - we are very proud to have taken part in this great adventure with you guys.


"The game doesn't take itself seriously with multiple driving types, but this doesn't decrease its interest. On the contrary, it multiplies it!" - JEUXVIDEO.COM

"We can't wait for it!" - GAMEBLOG

"Long story short, The Crew 2 seems to be a great improvment of the first installment with a lot of new content" - JEUXACTU

"We can really feel that the developers did and will continue to do their best in order to improve the player experience. The freedom is real and the diversity proposed by a racing game is yet to be matched by any competitor" - ECLYPSIA

“The Crew 2 offers an enhanced racing experience with enough disciplines to satisfy even the pickiest gamer.” TECH ADVISOR

“The environment, its visual and navigable diversity, the scale of the setting, its multiplayer promise and the technical quality of providing this without a stutter are all worthy of genuine marvel.” PCGamesN
“You can do so many different things here, from drifting cars to flying sideways between skyscrapers, from street racing to boat racing. With 2018 seemingly the year of the arcade racer, The Crew 2 is a free wheeling spirit that lets you just go and play however you see fit.” The Sixth Axis

“Really promising!” 3DJuegos

“A true celebration of Motorsports”             

“The Crew 2 is basically the result of a careful