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Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S - Press Feedback

August 13, 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator landed on Xbox Series X|S on July 27!

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been acclaimed by the press. This is such an honor to bring this experience to more people than ever before!



91% Metacritic score & Must-Play ( on 07/29/2021) 


4.5/5 - Windows Central

"The true graphical showcase for Xbox Series X & Series S"

10/10 - AusGamer

"A moment that once experienced"

10/10 - Press Start

"spectacular visuals"


"every bit the technical marvel on Xbox as it is on PC"

10/10 - AreaJugones

"No hay mejor título en Xbox Series, y a saber si algún día lo habrá"

9/10 - GameSpot 

"a spectacular technical achievement"

5/5 - Impulse Gamer

"truly amazing and engaging"