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JOBS SummerMates

July 5, 2018

Valentin, Eve and Mikael recently joined us and we were pleased to have a quick chat with them, here are their "Carte Blanche". Wanna be part of our team too? Apply in our job section!

Eve, Player Support Manager | Which game makes you feel nostalgic and why? Faxanadu -  Most people grew up with Zelda but I have Faxanadu to thank for my love of RPGs AND languages. Ten-year old me didn’t speak a word of English and spent many Wednesday afternoons trying to decipher the quests and dialogues in order to understand what the hell was going on. Finishing the game in these conditions felt like a true accomplishment!

What's your hidden talent? Useless talent #36: I’m really good at spotting animals in the wild.

Make a wish... I live in a house near a river populated by otters.

Mikael, Animator Intern | Which game makes you feel nostalgic and why? The game Heroes of Might and Magic III makes me feel nostalgic since I used to playing it with my sister, my best friend and my father when I am a kid. The fact is that games could last very long and even if the game still rocks, I know I’ll never take the time to finish another game with them.


What's your hidden talent? My hidden superpower is that I’m still fascinated like a child by crazy simple things like when you add milk in a transparent cup of coffe or like spiderwebs after the rain.


Make a wish... I make the wish to have three other wishes! :D