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JOBS | New progs joining the team!

13 February 2018

Our prog team is expanding! Damien and Alexandre are both joining us this week and we wish them all the best to come @Asobo.

Guess what? They are sharing their "carte blanche" with you! Lucky you!

Alexandre, Engine Prog | Which game makes you feel nostalgic and why? Definitely Final Fantasy 7. Great story, great characters and great gameplay. Everything needed for a cult game !
What's your hidden talent? Looking very serious on photos ;)
Make a wish... Sunny weather in Bordeaux, we really need that this winter…

Damien, UI html Prog | Which game makes you feel nostalgic and why? Super mario 64, the 1st game that made me feel the freedom of movements, thanks to the winges cap. I've spend so many hours playing... 
What's your hidden talent? Hide my hidden talents as long as I can ah!
Make a wish... I wish I can play with my children to a game I've been involved in @Asobo