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Flight Simulator Community Spotlight

November 27, 2020

Let's meet Terada - who recently enjoyed and performed great flights with his community.

It was a great pleasure to chat with Terada, a Swiss videographer, content creator, traveler and virtual pilot eager for thrills.

Like a world in which we keep discovering new wonders, our players interact in creative, realistic or whimsical ways with Microsoft Flight Simulator. MSFS knows how to attract all types of profiles and opens up new perspectives. Today, let's put the spotlight on a content creator whose multiple passions come alive in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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Coming from space simulation, Terada presents himself as a casual gamer but a skillful joystick player. He introduced to his community a new aspect of simulation thanks to his video editing skills. His flight sessions on MSFS can be compared to long contemplative journeys through beautiful and often mountainous landscapes as he likes them. He can count on his community, very much focused on flight simulation, to accompany him in his crazy acrobatic sessions often punctuated by quieter moments to give the group the opportunity to place their most beautiful figures.


New on the franchise, it is above all the pleasure of flying that Terada was looking for. Although impressive at first glance, he quickly found his marks and the sensations he was looking for. The freedom, the travel, the possibility to adjust the weather and the time dynamically for his videos are some of the elements appreciated by the young video maker.


Terada takes advantage of Microsoft Flight Simulator to revisit the places he knows well. Between discovery and nostalgia, he shares his anecdotes and invites his community to take a closer look at this magnificent setting that is the Earth.

17h, 4,000kms and a few adventures sum up one of the Microsoft Flight Simulator events shared by Terada and its viewers. A beautiful teamwork that will remain in the hearts (and under the eyelids) of his community.


Microsoft Flight Simulator is an unconstrained world in which he would like to engage its community competitively. Racing mods are a good way for him to master aerobatic aircraft.

Between some space trips, since he also likes SF experiments, Terada takes the time to come back to Earth thanks to MSFS! Keep your eyes wide open, if you see a squad of EXTRA 330LT passing by, it's probably him and his crew who come to greet you!

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