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Fight first, Love later…

As the only female, Pamela the beautiful Turkey hen had made quite an impact down on Super Farm...

But when one day she is snatched away, only to be sold at the local meat factory, starts an hilarious and frantic chase to save her.

Choose your unique character and face off within wacky mini games to win the heart of Pamela, the gorgeous turkey.

  • 10 wild wacky characters and 6 hidden characters to find.
  • 6 game types and a huge range of weapons.
  • Up to 4 player mayhem with co-operative and team play modes.
  • 16 varying locations and 4 hidden bonus levels.


You'll be able to play on your windows phone too since SuperFarm has been published on Windows 8 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game! Enjoy!