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Sitting Ducks

Meet all the characters and the wacky atmosphere of the animated TV series!

Sitting Ducks takes place in the whimsical world of DuckTown, a town much like any other except its inhabitants are feathered...

DuckTown a small, seemingly peaceful, community.

And not far away, SwampWood, a city inhabited by alligators, for whom ducks are a delicacy!

Ducks and alligators don’t ordinarily get on well together, yet Bill our feathered hero had becomed friends with Aldo the gator.

The two are inseparable and help each other out of the trickiest situation.

  • Remember: united we stand!
  • Play as Bill, the duck or his pal Aldo the gator and face various challenges.
  • On foot, skateboard or scooter ... explore Ducktown and SwampWood to perform more than 50 missions on your way or solve funny puzzles.
  • Multiplayer mode: Challenge your friends in some hilarious scooter races.