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The Mummy

As Alex O'Connell, plunge back in the animated series universe.

As a young adventurer, your mission is to find the 3 pieces of a sacred talisman, before Imhotep, your enemy, does...

Combat the living dead and other ghostly residents of Hamunaptra, City of the Dead.

The fate of the series’ heroes is in your hands as you search for treasures and attempt to defeat Imhotep, the guardian mummy.

Master the magical powers of Osiris's bracelet to prevent Imhotep from achieving his dark motives.

Will you dare to enter The Mummy’s grim and cavernous paths ?

  • Adapted from the worldwide well-known cartoon.
  • Travel trough 7 dangerous worlds: from the Hamunaptra Egyptian temple to the Forbidden City in China.
  • Locations re-created from the original screenplay and including interactive environments such as trapdoors, pitfalls, breakaway platforms, and hidden traps.
  • Customized character behavior and real-time action lend authenticity to the game settings.