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CT Special Forces

In Nemesis Strike, the threat of terrorism has never been so real!

The Nemesis Network has gotten their hands into some technology that doesn’t exactly belong to them.

As members of an elite force tasked with fighting worldwide terrorism, you’ve been summoned to dismantle Nemesis and retrieve the stolen technology.

In Nemesis strike you combine with two skilled members of your team. Stealth owl, the modern Ninja, is an infiltration expert, whose skills are accuracy and sky diving. Raptor uses weapons of massive destruction and favors Close combat. Your arsenal includes electromagnetic bombs, holographs, LCD corner-shot machine guns, heat seaking rocket launchers, drones, infra-red vision, and sonar… to name a few.

Good luck soldier!

  • Play with two completely different characters: one stealthy and one a master of guerilla combat.
  • Use a vast array of state-of-the-art weaponry, inspired by the latest military technological development.
  • Commandeer vehicles: use jeeps, boats, hovercrafts and more…
  • Dynamic weapon effects, including impacts, shockwave, explosions…
  • Unique and terrifying aerial combats in 3D free fall.