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Engine Programmer

1 September 2020

Several Engine Programmer positions available!

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If you like numbers, coffee, and surpassing yourself then keep reading, you'll be interested!

We are looking for talented Engine Programmers, both rigorous and involved to work transversally on all our projects.


The role of Engine Programmer is essential in our studio. This is why it requires a great deal of technical knowledge.

  • You master the C++ language
  • You have an excellent knowledge of CPU, GPU, memory, cache, etc…
  • You have a solid understanding of mathematics and algorithms
  • You master tuning tools on PC or console (PIX, RAZOR, NSight, VTune or other) and versioning tools
  • You have already personally taken part in the implementation of optimized code for one or more platforms
  • You have modern technical knowledge of rendering, audio or other areas applicable to video games

But, if on top of that:

  • You have a thorough understanding of the DirectX 11 API SDKs and how they work internally, DirectX12 or Vulkan
  • You know Xbox and/or Playstation systems
  • You are aware of the SMD instruction sets (AVX, SSE, Altivec)
  • You are familiar with modern network gaming platforms (Xbox Live, PSN, SteamWork, etc...)


Then this challenge is for you! Here are the details of your missions:

  • You will have to respect and master the constraints of each of the target platforms...
  • You will optimize the flow of real-time data and editing
  • You will be responsible for maintaining and optimizing certain systems (e.g. rendering, audio, scene management, image processing, production flow, network, etc…) on several target platforms
  • You will work closely with the Technical Director and the Lead Platform Programmer in an auditing and advisory role for artists and designers
  • You will design and develop the tools required for production


So far you're following us? If so, don't hesitate to fill in the contact form below with your CV and cover letter (and a link to your website or other projects... whatever you want!).

If you want to get to know us better, take a look at our Instagram. Or you can also visit our LinkedIn, Facebook page, or Twitter account, there's a lot to discover about life in Asobo! And sometimes we make pancakes!

See you soon!

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