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A Plague Tale Stories

5 juillet 2018

Le studio vous propose de découvrir des infos exclusives des coulisses  de A plague Tale !

Bienvenue dans notre série d'articles, vous révélant quelques détails interessants sur le making of de Plague Tale: Innocence, notre jeu d'aventure qui sortira en 2019 sur PlayStation 4, Xbox One et PC.

C'est en anglais mais facile à lire :)

S01Ep1 Roots of Innocence - Introduction

Next year, you’ll join orphan siblings Amicia and young Hugo as they struggle through the heart of a brutal and ruthless world, in which millions of rats ravage the Kingdom of France - already beset by war and the Black Death. Read full article here...

S01Ep2  Roots of Innocence - Génèse

Dive into the creative process behind the main characters: Amicia and Hugo. A glance at video game history makes it clear that a strong character can carry a story and game world alone. With that in mind, how did we create Amicia and Hugo for A Plague Tale: Innocence? Read full article here...

S01Ep3 Roots of Innocence - Le lien

Throughout the various demos and events where A Plague Tale: Innocence has been presented, you’ve discovered Amicia and Hugo. After presenting what went into creative process for these characters last week, let’s dive into why their bond is so tight. Read full article here...

S01Ep4 Roots of Innocence - Les enfants de la Peste

You must always first consider how the shape of character will appear from afar. Will it strike an imposing figure, strong and massive, or be smaller, frail, and weak? Will there be a scar, or a specific, recognizable hair color? Sometimes, the story creates these physical characteristics, while otherwise it comes purely from the imagination of the team...

Read full article here...

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