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2018 E3 press review

21 juin 2018

A Plague Tale | Découvrez ce que les journalistes ont pensé de notre démo exclusive présentée à l'E3 2018 E3... et oui ! il y a même des extraits de gameplay  :)

ET VOUS PoURREZ le constater, on s'est vraiment eclates!

The rats are happy :)

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"A Gross Game About Billions Of Rats"

8 best games we saw @E3  - Best of E3 Award

"The potential to blow fans away with a perfect balance of gameplay, storyline, and beautiful graphics."


"A Plague Tale: Innocence already looks fantastic!"


"How ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ Makes Diseased Rats So Terrifying? [...] Ultimately, “A Plague Tale” is about family, and how those relationships are tested in times of great distress."


"One of the best surprises from this years E3 - One of my favorite things however is when you’r taken by surprise and you see a game that you’ve never heard of that catches your attention."