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Senior Gameplay Programmer

22 July 2020

The team that brought you "A Plague Tale: Innocence" is looking for a Senior Gameplay Programmer!

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 If you like C++, coffee, teamwork, and technical challenges, then keep reading this will interest you !

We're looking for an experienced and talented Gameplay Programmer to work on a project that has not yet been announced.

As it's about to join the team on Asobo's new baby, we're looking for particularly passionate and ambitious profiles, eager to push the quality of their work even further!


As we are a team on a human scale, this project will require you to be autonomous and proactive in your work.

- You have a thorough knowledge of C++

- You already have experience in video game dynamics

- You know the new control methods

- You know how to use physical engines

- You have experience in pathfinding and AI

- You know image analysis/processing

- You are familiar with console tuning tools (PIX, GPAD) and Xone and/or PS4 SDKs

If you recognize yourself, then this job is for you! Here are the details of your missions:


- You'll have to manage the movement of elements of the game, the physics of the objects and calculate trajectories

- You'll have to read and process the inputs

- You will integrate the network layer into the game: missions, interactions, network data management, etc...

- You will order the AI behavior of characters or game elements

- You will define the game rules and communication systems between characters/game elements

- You'll program the camera contextually to the interactions

- You will integrate the animations

- You will be in charge of programming and/or integrating the user interface and menus

- You'll be in charge of sound and particle effects

- You won't forget to share on social networks, leaderboards

- You will also be responsible for documenting the various elements designed or programmed


So far you're following us? If so, don't hesitate to fill in the contact form below with your CV and cover letter (or your website, or other project,... as you wish!)

If you want to get to know us better, take a look at our Instagram. Otherwise you can also visit our LinkedIn, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account, there's a lot to discover about life in Asobo! And you'll see, sometimes we make pancakes!

See you soon!


The Asobo team

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