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R&D Engineers

20 August 2019


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  • Take ownership of major engine features and systems, maintain code written by someone else, adapt it and develop new features on top of it
  • Design and implement technical solutions to complex R&D problems, involving image processing, computer vision, mesh processing, machine learning...
  • Take an active role managing and maintaining long running processes, feel responsible for integration into the final game
  • Modernize a large existing code base


  • Excellent knowledge of C++, Visual Studio build system (props...), knowledge of C#, Python is a plus
  • Strong scientific background (3D math, image processing, data compression...)
  • Experience optimizing for CPU/GPU, debugging
  • Cloud computing management is a plus (Azure, VMs, services...)
  • Curious and eager to learn
  • Good communication skills, team work in an open space environment, comfortable working in a big project


  • CV, application letter
  • Availability
  • Personal works, portfolio, web site...

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