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JOBS | Recruiting new mates :)

6 June 2017

Sylvain and Pierre-Marie just arrived to help our team!

Check out their Asobo "Carte Blanche" below :)

Sylvain | Which game makes you feel nostalgic and why? Final Fantasy 9. That's how I came to RPG and FF universe. It's just my "madeleine de Proust".
What's your hidden talent? I know how to sew, I know how to sing, both at the same time actually :)

Pierre-Marie | Which game makes you feel nostalgic and why? I played a lot of games in my youth, but only one has a place in my heart: Baldur’s Gate. This was THE game, a nice adventure with cool characters, a cool design, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules and a whole piece of kingdom to explore freely. By the way, I am running a party with a friend.
What's your hidden talent? Sometimes I find myself drawing things out of my head on paper.
Make a wish... I wish everyone could be happy in their lives.





Wishing you all the best dudes !