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How Microsoft HoloLens Could Propel Augmented Reality Gaming

18 December 2016

To the delight of many developers and technophiles, Microsoft announced the development edition of its HoloLens virtual reality headset is about to start shipping.

The tech giant is also hoping to inspire gaming developers as well.

Each device will arrive packed with a trio of games, two of which were created by French developer Asobo Studio. Those titles are the platform action game Young Conker and the murder mystery Fragments. The third game rounding out the trio is RoboRaid, produced by Microsoft itself, making Asobo the only external developer with hands-on for game development on HoloLens.

According to David Dedeine, chief creative officer at Asobo Studio, no classic game uses reality like HoloLens does.

“With this Microsoft device, your table, your chair, or your couch becomes the platform,” says Dedeine. “Everything will have a direct impact on the game. Playing can be a very different experience from one room to another.”

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