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Gameplay prog+QA tester joining the game

2 juin 2017

New mates today !

Florian and Steven are now part of our our crew.

Discover their Asobo "#CarteBlanche" below :)

Hi Florian | What game makes you feel nostalgic and why? Definitely Diablo 2, I used to play this game for about 10 years and some more time here and then (I even got back to it last week)

What's your hidden talent? I love working with wood and steel. If I was not a programmer I would love to be a blacksmith.

Make a wish... ♫ I wish you a merry christmas ♪

* * * * *

Hi Steven | Which game makes you feel nostalgic and why? Alex kid in Miracle World, my first video game ever. I've never finished it, never understood it's paper/stone/scisor's timing game, but it opened a whole new world to me.

What's your hidden talent? Asking questions, again, and again. Mostly to myself.

Make a wish... Please make a third season for Sense8. Or save the endengered species/fauna, your call.