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E3 2017 | Press feedback @APlagueTale demo

22 juin 2017

Découvrez les réactions des journalistes après la démo @APlagueTale !

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"The caring relationship between Amicia and Hugo really won me over; their dynamic formed the tender heart to this macabre gameworld."



"I will say that A Plague Tale: Innocence visually looked amazing"






"Stealthy, gorgeous, and with what looks like a fascinating and heartfelt dynamic between its sibling leads, A Plague Tale is one to watch"



"This is going to be one of the rare times where I say that the trailer actually pretty accurately depicts what I saw in the actual gameplay..."



"My fav E3 game!"



PCGamer top 2 promising game from E3expo!


"I came away with one of my most anticipated games for the next few years, thanks to its great setting and gameplay concepts and what I suspect will be a gripping and moving story."



@A Plague Tale - Innocence is top 2 @GamesPew E3 top 5  !!!


"Suffice to say, I don’t only want to see more of this disturbingly gorgeous gothic world, but I’m already invested in the bond that exists between Amicia and Hugo."



"The gameplay that Focus Home Interactive showed me at E3 was incredible. Even the title screen made me excited for this game to come out..."



"We were impressed"



Watch our CCO talking about A Plague Tale - Innocence with Xbox team and SchackNews!



And some pictures of Focus nice booth...