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Gameplay Programmer

6 March 2019

Within 16 years, ASOBO Studio has become a major player in the gaming industry by undertaking ambitious productions such as FUEL and A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE and by partnering with several prestigious publishers (Ubisoft, Codemasters, Microsoft...)

We are always on the lookout for new talented people to join us in crafting the future of entertainment.

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We are looking for a Trainee Gameplay Programmer whose mission will consist in helping developing the game content. As part of the programming team, your duties will be to take part in:

  • Programming the AI (Artificial Intelligence) for characters and/or elements of the game.
  • Programming the game rules and the communication systems between characters and elements of the game.
  • Programming and / or integrating the user interface and menus.
  • Programming animations, FX, sounds, etc…
  • Programming movements of game elements, object physics and trajectory calculations.
  • Writing documentation.


  • MSc in computer science or equivalent
  • Previous  programming placement in video games industry
  • Knowledge of real time 3D
  • knowledge of PC and console programming
  • C++ programming
  • Ability to adapt to existing internal tools
  • Ability to work in a team, good interpersonnal skills and autonomy
  • Being able to understand French would be a plus
  • Good video game culture


Joining the team also means taking advantage of our internal social policy

For example:

  • Our Quality of life (Brand new office, nice lunch area, South-western France ‘art de vivre’…)
  • Our daily + (Lunch vouchers, public transportation subsidy, free fruits, cakes and beverages…)
  • Our additional compensation (Christmas vouchers…)


  • CV, application letter
  • Availability
  • Personal works, portfolio, web site...

If you wish to contact us, please send us a message.

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