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Engine Programmer

14 January 2019

Within a team of 15 Engine programmers, you will take part in the transposition and optimization of the game engine on specific platforms .

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  • Respect and master the constraints of each target platforms.
  • Optimize the flow of real-time data and editing.
  • Maintain and optimize certain parts (eg rendering, audio, scene management, image processing, production flow, network, etc.) on multiple target platforms.
  • Collaborate with the Technical Director and the Lead Platform Programmer in a role of technical audit and advisor for artists and designers.
  • Design and develop the tools required for the production.


  • Knowledge of the architecture of CPUs, GPUs, memory, caches, etc.
  • Understanding GPUs and how they work.
  • Knowledge of modern rendering techniques, audio or other areas applicable to video games.
  • Familiarity with DirectX 11 API SDKs and their internal operation. Knowledge of DirectX 12 would be a plus.
  • Knowledge of versioning tools (such as perforce) is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Xbox and / or Playstation systems is a plus.
  • Knowledge of VMX, Altivec and / or SSE training sets is a plus.
  • Knowledge of modern network gaming platforms is a plus (Xbox Live, PSN, SteamWork, etc.)


Joining the team also means taking advantage of our internal social policy

For example:

  • Our Quality of life (Brand new office, nice lunch area, South-western France ‘art de vivre’…)
  • Our daily + (Lunch vouchers, public transportation subsidy, free fruits, cakes and beverages…)
  • Our additional compensation (Christmas vouchers…)


  • CV, application letter
  • Availability
  • Personal works, portfolio, web site...

If you wish to contact us, please send us a message.

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